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Funeral Services
Normally held at a Crematorium, Cemetery or Burial Site, this will usually include music, opening words, tributes and a eulogy, poems or readings, and a committal or commendation. While these are the basic elements of many ceremonies, I will help you to choose what feels right for the occasion, and include any family members or friends who wish to contribute.

Memorial Services
a Commemoration of a life where there is no body present. This might be structured in the same way as a Funeral Service, but without a committal. This service may be held anywhere you wish.

Interment or Scattering Ashes
This may come soon after cremation, or perhaps at a time in the future that feels right, or is feasible for loved ones. This ceremony may take any format you wish, and can include elements such as tributes, poetry, music, tree or seed planting, etc.

Anniversary of Death

Perhaps you didn’t have the energy or presence of mind to hold the ceremony you wanted when your loved one died. For some people, whether time has healed their wounds, or whether grief remains painfully present, marking an anniversary of passing can be an affirming way of dealing with the date. Bringing your missed one present in a ceremony that befits their memory can be a wonderfully healing and energising thing to do, and something that brings people together to talk about something which often isolates us. There is no right or wrong way to remember your special person, and I can help you create a service and a ceremony that both you and they deserve.

Celebration of Life
If you would rather focus on the celebration and not the sorrow - the life lived rather than the loss felt - it may feel right to hold a Celebration of Life, which highlights the deceased’s presence, and not their absence. Death is a part of life, and for many people it feels right to celebrate the best of what we remember about a person who is no longer physically with us.