Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost, and what does it include?
I will charge £220 for a basic funeral, and I would work alongside your chosen Funeral Director. This includes our initial meeting, the creation of a personalised service, the ceremony itself, and a printed copy for you to keep after it’s over. The cost may vary depending on the length and location of the service, and I may add reasonable travel expenses to this amount.

What kind of service can I have?
You can have anything you want. There is no right or wrong way to conduct a funeral, and if you feel constrained by societal expectations, or by traditions that make sense to others but not to you, then let’s have a chat about how we can make your ceremony fit the person, and not the other way around. For example, any type of music, any reading or poetry, any act of remembrance, any kind of clothing, and even any location that feels right for you can be a part of your tailor-made ceremony.

Can I have more than one service or ceremony?
Yes. Some people need more time to honour the memory of a special person, and may wish to say goodbye with more than one ceremony. It is not uncommon to have multiple services in one day, (a cremation or burial service, message-writing, tree-planting, etc.) or to have ceremonies at a later date that mark an anniversary, or allow those who may have been absent an opportunity to participate.

Can I use a Celebrant if I belong to a religion, or am of a different faith?
Yes. As an Independent Celebrant, I represent the individual, not their faith. I can work with you to create a service that meets all your needs, whether or not that incorporates religious aspects. I am very comfortable including prayers and rituals of any religion in my services.

How is an Independent Celebrant different from a Humanist Celebrant?
Whereas Humanists generally avoid religious references, practices and rituals in their services, an Independent Celebrant (if requested) is free to incorporate any and all aspects of any faith that give meaning and comfort to the participants.
For example, a favourite church hymn, a reading from the Torah, or even a Buddhist prayer may all be included in an Independent Celebrant’s service.

Why can’t the Funeral Director perform the service?
A Funeral Director will deal with all of the practical details involved in organising the funeral, but it is your choice as to what kind of ceremony you would like to have. Funeral and memorial services have no legal element, and therefore can be held wherever you like; however most funerals are held in a crematorium, a cemetery or other burial site.

Can a Celebrant perform live music?
In my case, yes! As a professional singer, I can sing at your service, if it is something you feel is appropriate for the ceremony you want to create.