Your Celebrant Ceremony UK

I am touched by the positive comments many clients have made about my work:

"It was obvious to all that you were genuine and spoke from the heart. You always remind me of Mary Poppins ... you have done an amazing job and quietly disappear off to the next family that need you. We really are so grateful and I have the utmost respect for your professionalism and dedication to your work."

"What you had written up and how you presented it was absolutely beautiful and spot on, it was like you knew him, everybody that attended told us that you were incredible, thank you so much"

"EVERYBODY said how wonderfully you gave the service, what a lovely voice you had, how at ease people felt and how comfortable they felt."

"I just wanted you to know how very pleased we all were with the service this morning - Dad would have loved to have spent a hour or two in your company. We were very impressed with the care that you took in both writing and delivering Dad's Eulogy..."

“Thank you for the wonderful service last week. My family were touched by how beautifully you summarised Peter’s life. It would be difficult to imagine anyone else doing this important role with as much feeling and understanding as you showed that day.”

"Everyone said what a lovely funeral service and that you were amazing ! You captured our thoughts into words perfectly.The whole day was perfect and even Mum said it was exactly right. We planned it in a very short time but we said that even if we had taken two weeks to arrange it, we could not have improved on the day."

”We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, genuine, dynamically written service. Your presence made Mum and I relaxed and we trusted you with carrying it through. You were there for us at this time of shock and not knowing what to do, we really appreciate you being part of it and guiding us.”
" friends commented how lovely it was and how you spoke with such emotion and made it feel personal to everyone. You do a fantastic job and I know you will help many more families say goodbye to loved ones in your unique and kind way."

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with my mums funeral service. I was really pleased the way it went and you helped us so much in getting it all to run so smoothly. You helped us get what we wanted ...a real personal and thoughtful service. Many people commented about how they felt it was all so personal and sincere."